Younger generation is learning!

Wheelchair Foundation with nothing but steps

I was sharing this picture from with my grandchildren.  I asked them age 12, 10 and 7, “What’s wrong with this picture?” The 12 year old got it!  Maybe the awareness needed around the world will be found and further spread through our younger generation!

While this first picture was a great learning experience for the children it does not represent the “rest of the story”.

We have been contacted by Gerry Riley from this organization.  The picture above does not reflect truth.  A picture has been sent to us showing the ramp from the side of the building.  

Going to the Movies?

Do you and your family go to the movies?  We usually go see at least one movie during the holiday season.  Did you know that there are captioned and audio described movies in many theaters?  Check out , you can put in your location and find all the captioned movies in your area.  Check out the websites of your local theaters for audio described movies also.  If your theater offers that it usually only on one of the screens in a complex.  Do your homework before you go and know which theater etc., many of the staff are young kids who won’t be familiar with what you are talking about.  We have found it advisable to carry our own batteries as well.  (just in case)  Let us know what your experiences have been using these services and where you would recommend others to go.