Dr. Ricky Scott

Dr. Ricky Scott, a native of North Carolina, was born in Gaston, which is located in the northeastern section of the state. He received his early education in the local public school but completed his secondary education at the Governor Morehead School for the blind located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Following his graduation from high school, He earned his undergraduate degree from UNC Chapel Hill, his masters degree from UNC Charlotte and his doctoral degree from NC State university. While pursuing his advanced degrees, he has been an active participant in his community through his service in various leadership positions on a variety of advocacy organizations which advocate for the full integration of all persons with disabilities into  community life through education, employment and recreation. For example, Ricky Scott previously served on the North Carolina Statewide independent Council during the Hunt Administration in the 1990’s. Also, he has served on the board of directors for the following organizations: NC Council of the Blind, Raleigh Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities, Raleigh Human Relations Commission and the Governor Morehead School Human Rights Committee. Furthermore, he has served as President of the Governor Morehead School Alumni association, as Second Vice President of NC Council of the Blind, as President of Raleigh Elite Lions Club and President of Raleigh-Wake Council of the Blind. In addition to his advocacy work, he worked with the NC Disability Determination Services, conducted research for Disability rights of North Carolina concerning gaps in mental health services for youth and young adults in North Carolina and worked with the Center for Faculty Excellence at the University of North Carolina concerning the application of universal design principles to academics.  Outside of his advocacy engagement, he enjoys playing beep baseball, reading, sports and socializing with family and friends.