Sandra Hicks

Sandra Hicks a beautiful African-American lady with dark brown eyes and long curly dark hair framing her smooth oval faceSandra Hicks is a North Carolina native born and raised in the Rocky Mount area.  She was Communication Supervisor with what is now Nash Healthcare when in 1999 she began to lose her sight causing her to retire.  Not to be stopped Sandra then enrolled at Wesleyan University and got her degree in Psychology in 2008 graduating on the President’s List.  She has been an active advocate serving on the National Federation for the Blind and now on the SILC.  Sandra, “I love the communication, information and knowledge of advocacy I receive from serving on the Council.  I will continue to gain more information with which I will share with others I come in contact with here in Nash County which is an unserved area.  Those who have or acquire a disability need to know where they can go for assistance and to gain a better understanding. “